Pic. 1: Windpower Festival Batokunku

Pic. 2
: Rotor Assembling by Global Energy

Pic. 3: AN Bonus 450kVA Type Tanji

The first project of GAMWIND Ltd. will be the installation of two secondhand fully retrofitted 450 kVA wind converters on Tanji high.
The project is solely private financed by the companies shareholders and a grant from GEF/UNIDO. The total investment is calculated with 650.000 € including a local part of around 3 million Dalasi.

The timetable looks for a commissioning of the plant in February 2012. The estimated energy production of the two wind converters will be around 800.000 kWh p.a. (0,8 MWh) and the next lifetime of the engines is calculated with minimum 15 years.

Pic. 4: Rotor Installation by Global Energy

Pic. 5: AN Bonus 150kVA Batokunku
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